Journals & Reports

UBS Unlimited

As part of the new brand identity that freuds Branded created for UBS Wealth – Unlimited – we also created a journal based around their thought-leadership platform.


freuds Branded has created three journals for LetterOne and Global Perspectives series:

The Indigo Era is a collection of views from global thinkers on today’s economic shifts. 

The Indigo Prize is a new economics prize that challenges entrants to consider how to measure economic activity in a 21st century economy.

The Wellness Journal looks at how health and wellbeing are an increasingly important part of the economic question of productivity.

The Brewery Journals

The Brewery Journals are a series of thought leadership collections on extremely current and prevalent topics.

freuds Branded has designed all the journals, contributing copywriting, creative direction and illustrations, in addition to creating the website to house the digital versions of the journals.

RB Gender Pay

freuds Branded developed RB’s Gender Pay Report, bringing perspectives to the data through a series of colleague interviews and photography – leading to a fresh, personal and future-looking report.


freuds Branded has created a number of digital and printed reports and journals for IsDB and its sub-brands.

(RED) Report

freuds Branded wrote and produced the first (RED) Report, producing a beautiful hardbound book and digital version showcasing the tremendous impact of (RED) and its partners on the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Imaginal Cells

freuds Branded designed the journal Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation. Curated by Kim Polman and Stephen Vasconcellos-Sharpe, it is a collection of essays that explore how a compassionate approach to business, finance, the environment and politics can transform our world.


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