Donya Davis

Words make me tick.

From how they’re arranged grammatically, to how they are seen visually. Makes sense that I took up calligraphy as a hobby a couple of years ago, which I turned into the creation of Word To Ya Mother – handmade greeting cards.

My passion lies in living a fulfilling life – there is so much in the world to experience, and nothing better than being able to artistically translate that back into day-to-day work.

James Tran

I’m a practicing Graphic/Creative designer and Art Director.

I live on the side where the grass is greener and my glass of water is always half full. I use humour as an exit door from awkward situations and I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction.

My passions lie in all things creative: music, fashion, design and tattoos.

I only ever make work that I truly believe in, because if I don’t believe in it, then how do I convince other people to?

Nat Beach

I’m the organised one within Branded who helps to oversee workflow and traffic ensuring everything runs like clockwork.

I’m a keen traveller with a passion for adventure, photography, and blogging. I like to adopt animals along my travels such as Sandra the Sloth.

I am also a sore loser at our Friday freudian slip game, but I’m working on it.

James Fentiman

Founder, freuds Branded

I’m a frustrated artist, writer, creative and sportsman all rolled up and hiding inside a Dad of two young children.

Which means I no longer have time to do any art, design, writing, creating or playing sport on my own time. Because I don’t have any.

So I now live out my artistic life and creative passions vicariously at work, and I do a pretty good job of it.

Kiran Sagar

Hi I’m Kiran! I am a Product Designer with a passion for Graphic Design.

I enjoy improving user experiences and combining 3D design, Photography and Illustration to help problem solve creatively.

When I’m not doing something creative, I am usually reading up on the latest research in Science and Technology.

I love to bring together people and different experiences to better understand the world and how we can all progress.

Calum Park

I’m Calum and I’m a Junior Designer here at freuds Branded.

I love rolling my sleeves up and getting into some great design work, with experience in branding, motion design, editorial, web, interior, and even some cartography!

I’m from the South West, but for the last couple of years I’ve been loving getting to know London and see what its endless streets and alleys have to offer.

I live for great storytelling, and I love books, films, tv shows and video games.


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