Naming & Copywriting

Give A F**k

freuds Branded created the campaign name Give A F**k for Durex & (RED)’s new partnership, in addition to scripting and creating content for Zara Larsson, Thandie Newton, Christian Navarro, Tyler Oakley, Javier Munoz, Jacob Latimore and Phoebe Robinson – asking us all just one thing – to Give A F**k.

RB Gender Pay

freuds Branded developed RB’s Gender Pay Report, bringing perspectives to the data through a series of colleague interviews and photography – leading to a fresh, personal and future-looking report which we also helped write.

freuds Brands

In addition to rebranding freuds and creating The Brewery brand in 2017, freuds Branded has also named and created freuds Signature, and we are proud to have named and created the business’ Love & Work ethos that permeates through everything we do.

Mars Edge & Mars Global Services

Mars came to us to help them with two projects:

To establish a brand identity and name for their newest entrepreneurial division. Following a naming process, we created Mars Edge.

To assist in rebranding and renaming Mars Global Services and its subsidiaries. Mars Global Services is Mars’ definitive solution to managing shared services at scale. 

The Night That Flows

freuds Branded named, created and provided creative direction for the launch of the all-new Toyota C-HR.

We helped create an interactive production, which was the world’s first immersive drive through experience.

100 European media and influencers were immersed in a story that we scripted, of one fictional night across five European cities – The Night That Flows.

Santa Forgot

Santa Forgot is a campaign created by freuds Branded for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

freuds Branded created and named the concept, and wrote the narrative for the content that then became a leading Christmas advertising campaign in 2016, animated by Aardman and voiced by Stephen Fry.

Engage & Transform

freuds Branded named and created the brand identities for IsDB’s Engage & Transform platforms, including assets for the website designs and a unique wrap for the funicular in Davos for the World Economic Forum.

(RED) Report

freuds Branded wrote and produced the first (RED) Report, producing a beautiful hardbound book and digital version showcasing the tremendous impact of (RED) and its partners on the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The Brewery Journals

The Brewery Journals are a series of thought leadership collections on extremely current and prevalent topics.

freuds Branded has designed all the journals, contributing copywriting, creative direction and illustrations, in addition to creating the website to house the digital versions of the journals.

A Day To Remember

In A Day to Remember, a film to mark World Alzheimer’s Day and the launch of the dementia campaign from the Department of Health and the Alzheimer’s Society, Sir Michael Parkinson, Fiona Phillips and Gordon Banks talk about the importance of memory, the most memorable moments of their lives and their experience of having a loved one with dementia.

freuds Branded named the campaign and led the Creative Direction of the project.

Powder PR

freuds Branded created the brand identity for Powder PR – a new beauty communications duo – and created their tagline from the company name Powder – We Do PR. The simple, elegant design is based on the applying of a powder compact.


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